Majestic BWR Grade (IS:303)

Majestic BWR Grade (Boiling Water resistant) exhibits excellent test results even after immersion in boiling water at 100°C for 8 hrs. This is also dimensionally stable. BWR Grade Plywood is bonded with fortified Phenol Formaldehyde Synthetic resin as per standard of IS:848:1974 under controlled temperature & pressure with adequate timing to obtain unmatched bonding. All the veneers are treated with anti-terminate and anti-fungus chemicals. Our plywood can withstand change in climate conditions without deterioration and de-lamination.
Applications :
Majestic Plywood is being used as Bus Flooring by reputed Bus body Builders. It can also be used for Domestic, Industrial & Construction sectors. Other applications are Furniture, Panelling, Partitions, Ceiling, Flooring, Wardrobes etc.


Majestic BWR Grade (IS:303) – United Timber Works